The Snap

If you follow my Facebook regularly (though, why would you?) you’ll know I recently watched Avengers: Infinity War. If you follow that page, you’ll also know I am not a Marvel guy by any stretch of the imagination. I always preferred DC… they were darker and I enjoyed that. However, on that note, I will say what Marvel has done with their cinematic universe is nothing short of amazing. But, that’s not the point of this post.

I want, instead, to talk about the entire premise of “The Snap” and, that said, this is kind of your warning that ahead be spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie and intend to, don’t read ahead.

Let’s face it, Thanos has a valid point, and I found it hard to disagree with him. Overpopulation, infighting, limited resources… add to that the basic indecency of intelligent creatures and the titan has a point.

And when I say indecency, I don’t mean we murder (though we do) or go out of our way to be cruel (though we do that, too), but more along the lines of our ambivalence towards others. The whole “if it’s not my problem, it’s not my problem” mentality. And, by the way, I’m totally guilty of this thought process, so don’t think I’m trying to put myself up on some holy pedestal. I’m not. And here’s why: I’m an overweight, aging white guy with a decent white collar job. I have cars in my garage, food on my table and in my pantry, medical and dental insurance, and (while it’s shitty in its breadth and scope) a retirement account. All in all, I have very little to be concerned about.

I support our minorities, usually vocally in person and on social media, and think, for the most part, the country I live in treats those minorities like shit. Oh, you’re gay? Fuck you. Oh, you’re black? Fuck you, too. Female? Get the fuck outta here with your equal pay and reproductive rights bullshit. You’re homeless? Well, that sucks… but it’s probably your fault. Mentally unwell? Have you tried just smiling more?

And while I think all of the above is utter shit, I do very little personally to change it. There are those who do, of course, but there are far more like me that do nothing. We are the indecent ones, in my opinion, which kind of leads into the crux of The Snap…

The one vs the many. What’s more important?

As Cap says in the movie, “We don’t trade lives.” It’s a noble fucking idea, but it’s untrue. We do trade lives, usually not in the literal sense (but sometimes). We trade our relative peace and quiet for others’ turmoil. It’s their problem, not mine. And it’s easy to be a keyboard warrior (like writing this post), and much harder to be a real warrior.

I’m not sure what I was getting at, really, in this ramble. Contemplating the questions of the universe? My own role in it? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m no Captain America or Iron Man or any other super hero. And I think it’s interesting how many of these characters we aspire to be like when we know, deep down, we’re going to fail. And knowing that, why even try?

And we come back to The Snap, right? A blink and people are gone, certain problems go away, others remain. Let’s face it… it’s doubtful Thanos’ snap erased every racist, Nazi, or serial killer from existence… but some. And those good people that remain have less to worry about and more time, more happiness, more everything to focus on what’s left… on ending other socially driven triggers for racism and murder, right?

You have to admit… it’s tempting, right?

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