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Texas Frightmare Weekend Recap

Another Frightmare gone.

I do love attending this convention. I think, if I never release another book, I’d lobby to go back as a fan. It’s that much fun. It’s made better, of course, by the people I’m lucky enough to hang out with.

The highlights for the weekend… selling books (as usual), drinking more than my fair share of booze, buying books (including an original illustrated Animal Farm), met Kenneth Johnson, and I attended several screenings over the course of the weekend. Frightmare is awesome for indie horror.

As a reference point, the movies I watched were: Mortal Remains, Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre, Last Girl Standing, and American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock. They weren’t all good, and I’ll do separate reviews on them next week.

My publisher’s table, next to Rose McGowan’s table and across from Kane Hodder, jumped all weekend long. We observed all the usual Frightmare traditions: Writers Tears whisky, local Texas beer, Arkansas beer, Ohio beer, and rum.

This year’s indie press book haul includes titles from Brad Carter, Christian A. Larsen, Tally Johnson, David Goudsward, and Luke Harrington. Check out this book boner…
frightmarebooksYou can’t beat that with a stick in my opinion. Not even close. Hell, I even managed to pick up a couple Larry Cohen films on Blu-ray: Q: The Winged Serpent and The Stuff. If you haven’t seen these 80s gems, well, you need to.

Lastly, of course, the kick ass cosplay. It’s always a sight to behold, and this year did not disappoint. Click here to see my Frightmare image gallery! And come back sometime next week for reviews of the films I watched, and on Tuesday, your Top Ten returns with “Lake Placid.”

“44 Lies by 22 Liars” is on pre-order RIGHT NOW!

Let’s start 2016 off with some good news, shall we? I promise to recap 2015 in the next few days or so, but until then, you should definitely go check out “44 Lies by 22 Liars,” which will feature two of my flash fiction stories.

The first is a “A Vision in Red,” about the lengths to which a man will go for the love of his life, and “Legacy,” which focuses on a father and son relationship. They’re both dark because, well, the world is fucked up and so why not?

The book will also feature flash fiction from some of Post Mortem Press‘ other authors, such as: Christian A. Larsen, Josef Matulich, Andrew Nienaber, Brad Carter, Kenneth W. Cain, Nelson W. Pyles, and many others.

You can pre-order the Kindle edition right now at the link above, or you can click on the cover image below.