Short Stories

A Vision in Red – Tina is dying and her chemo treatments are taking their toll. She receives a precious gift from her husband, one that transforms her physically and emotionally. (A Vision in Red originally appeared in the Pill Hill Press anthology Daily Frights 2012. No longer in print. This story has been reprinted in 44 Lies by 22 Liars, published by Post Mortem Press. Purchase a copy here!)

An Unfettered Life – The world has changed, and not for the better. The sick, the handicapped, and the old are all liabilities, able to sell themselves into death to better humanity, or just their own family. But what happens when the ones being sold can’t speak for themselves? (An Unfettered Life appears in the anthology, Dystopian Express from Hydra Publications. Purchase a copy here!)

Bless You – Mark Johns is sick. He can’t stop sneezing, food decays in his mouth, and worse, every time he looks in the mirror he sees less and less of himself. Until he starts witnessing more and more. (Bless You originally appeared in the West Pigeon Press anthology When the Veil Drops. Purchase a copy here!)

Bullets and Bells – Deputy John Berry moved to Havisham Corners in order to get away from the dangers of police work in the big city. It’s his first night on duty in the quiet, sleepy town of Havisham Corners and he’ll find out just how dangerous life can be. (Bullets and Bells originally appeared in the anthology Welcome to Havisham Corners. No longer in print.)

Cruel and Unusual – Ronald Crawford lost his son to a serialist rapist and when a court overrules the death penalty, stating it’s cruel and unusual, the distraught father takes matters into his own hands. (Cruel and Unusual originally appeared in the Post Mortem Press anthology A Means to an End. Purchase a copy here!)

Dominance – The human wars are over and a new conflict for supremacy is about to begin. Wolfgar, sent by his mother to terminate “the beast”,  learns an unsettling truth about his family, his future, and the world he lives in. (Dominance originally appeared in Title Goes Here: Issue Five. It has been reprinted in the collection Bits & Pieces.)

Go Beyond – Ryan McCormick travels the only path he knows and ends up in the Dame Fortune, a bar unlike any other, one that holds the secret to his salvation. Or his destruction. (Go Beyond originally appeared online in The Harrow. Read it here!)

Legacy – John Carp, sheriff, and his son and deputy, Jack, pursue what they believe to be Indians through the forest, hoping to catch them before they kill their captive. Amongst this backdrop, their family drama plays out to a tragic end. (Legacy appears in 44 Lies by 22 Liars, published by Post Mortem Press. Purchase a copy here!)

Pale Deaths – On Root Canal Appreciation Day, an unnamed man sitting in a courtroom pens an open letter to his wife while waiting for his lawyer to call him to the stand. He is guilty of murder and only wishes the chance to explain things. (Pale Deaths originally appeared in the February 2010 issue of cc&d magazine. Purchase a copy here!)

Prior Record: A Christmas Tale – Jack Frost is a cop who loathes the holidays in the sleepy little North Pole town of Glacier Bay. When Rudolph accidentally runs over Jack’s grandmother, only the fat man himself can save Christmas. (Prior Record: A Christmas Tale originally appeared online in Nuvein Magazine, which is no longer available.)

Sewer Rats – Eric loves the sewers–the sights, the smells, the adventure. One day, while exploring with a couple of friends, he runs into a local legend and things will never be the same again. (Sewer Rats originally appeared in the Post Mortem Press anthology Uncanny Allegories. It has been reprinted in the Post Mortem Press “best of” anthology Dark Doorways.)

The Nightly Bite – Dis Grunt fights the good fight in a wasted America, broadcasting the toxic secrets of the Old School to the confused masses. Will he rally the  vampire masses or be their next casualty? (The Nightly Bite originally appeared in Issue Six of The Monsters Next Door. It has been reprinted in collection Bits & Pieces.)

They Still Live On – When the end of the world arrives, Raymond is less than prepared. As his personal losses mount, he must decide if fighting–and living–is worth the price already paid. And if he continues, he must find a way for those that have died to still live on as something other than the mosters they’ve become. (They Still Live On originally appeared in the Post Mortem Press anthology Dead Souls. Purchase a copy here!)

Threshold – John George slips from reality and journeys into madness with his loud, egotistical neighbor. (Threshold originally appeared in the webzine October Moon, which is no longer available. It has been reprinted in the collection Bits & Pieces.)

What’s Left Behind – The United States ended decades ago, destroyed by nuclear war. Survivors eke out an existence in what’s left  of their country. When a new threat emerges from the wasteland, Jake Murdock not only faces this new enemy in a fight for his life, but also the myths, fears, and prejudices left behind by a society that refuses to learn from past mistakes. (What’s Left Behind originally appeared in the Post Mortem Press anthology Fear the Abyss. Purchase a copy here!)

Your Lease Has Expired – Jefferson Webster is a vampire whose ex-girlfriend is a witch. When she asks for a favor, he reluctantly agrees and ends up an unwitting pawn in a sinister spell. (Your Lease Has Expired is available in the collection Bits & Pieces.)