Dark and gritty urban fantasy!

Dark and gritty urban fantasy!

Powerful banker John Visnic is murdered under what can only be described as unusual circumstances: definite signs of a struggle, a bloodless, woundless corpse in a locked room, and strange burn marks on the walls. The only clue, uttered by the victim’s wife an hour before finding the body, is the name Mercury.

Detective Torrin McGlynne is a corrupt cop haunted by recent events. Driven by a selfish and misguided sense of justice, Torrin and his partner, Robert Boone, start a desperate search for Mercury that only leads to more questions, more victims, and few answers. When their investigation begins to untangle the mysterious web surrounding Mercury and his connection to Visnic’s murderer, they are forced into an unimaginable world where death, disease, and free will are as deceptive as life itself.

As Torrin submerges himself into this frightening new reality to hunt a mystical killer with magical powers, everything he understands about his world and the way it works is challenged. In the escalating turmoil produced by death magic, Torrin and Robert’s loyalties are tested while their sanity is questioned. The case soon collides with Torrin’s personal life and everything he holds dear is threatened by a fate far worse than death.

The pulse-pounding chain of events set forth by Visnic’s murder propels Torrin toward an explosive climax. With little left to lose, he is conscripted into a battle, against a ruthless enemy wielding untold powers. In a fight he’s positive he cannot win, Torrin must decide between saving himself and making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones he loves most.

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