Reality Check

Hey folks, I don’t do this often, but I see it gearing up already, so please keep this in mind as we enter into the silly season of politics.


None of them have your best interests at heart. Not Bernie, nor Hillary, Teddy, Marco, Trump, or Kasich… not a fucking one really cares about you, me, our kids, or this country.

So, sure, vote your conscience in one of the truly great “lesser of two evils” elections, but try not to force feed your candidate’s bullshit down anyone else’s throat. Try not to be that person, try not to be a dick. Be kind, listen, and appreciate your fellow non-politician’s opinion.

Why? Because, honestly, I know who’s more apt to give you $20.00 when you need it. It’s your friend, the one who doesn’t support your candidate, but who’s been with you for so and so many years now, not that asshole candidate you’re so ferociously supporting right now.

We’re in this together, and those people running for office or already in office? They’re in it for something altogether different.

Talk to me...

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