Male Watcher’s Day

Male Watcher’s Day is apparently a thing. A thing that I didn’t know about… I’m not sure if anyone really knew about this or if anyone should care. Let’s face it, guys have been acting like douchenozzles towards the ladies for fucking years in this regard, and hey, now the ladies get a single damn day to express their love of the male form… just a day, though, ladies. Just. A. Day. Men have the market cornered on this sort of thing.

I have to say, though, that it makes me think about objectification more.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos on the internet with dudes catcalling women on the streets. It’s gross, for sure, and it begs the question of why guys think that’s okay other than dude privilege. Knowing this shit isn’t kosher when guys do it, I wonder at why this “bizarre holiday” is a thing. It doesn’t seem like “getting even” (as the holiday description suggests) is what should be going on. They also go on about how single, unattached ladies might want to get caught male watching… for the obvious reasons. Really now?

For the historical record, the single ladies I know are among the brightest and strongest people in my life. I’m not sure any of them need a man for “the obvious reasons” or would want one, you know, just to have one. Sure, most people (man or woman) wants that special someone, but that’s not what this holiday is suggesting.

What do you think, Brownies?

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