Go For a Ride Day

Unfortunately, my favorite ride isn’t listed as an option on the Go For a Ride Day webpage. These seem to be limited to actual modes of transportation.

This is an interesting little day. I used to love driving around the country roads just outside the city I live in. Beautiful, you know, seeing the farms and the animals, the fields, and then the trees and the little rivers and creeks winding through it all. Now that my kids are older and can actually talk, though, it’s not as much fun.

“Dad, can we go home yet?”

“Dad, where are we going?”

“Dad, he’s touching me.”

“Dad, can I roll my window down?”

Ugh, kinda ruins the peaceful, quiet zen moments of zipping around the curves and enjoying nature at 65mph.

What about you, Brownies? Do you like to drive?

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