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Words Matter

Hey there, Brownies! It’s only been a little over a month since last we spoke. Well, I rambled, and you listened (or didn’t, I don’t really know one way or the other) and now I’m back. This is where you either cheer or run and hide. As you can probably tell, based on the post title, this might get a little heavy.

Once upon a time, a more respected and more published author told a bunch of us that there were three things you never spoke about on your blog: politics, religion, and sex. Basically the same things you’re not supposed to discuss at work. The reason for that, so we were told, was to avoid pissing off (and therefore alienating) readers (who are our consumers). They stop buying, they start talking, others stop buying… all because I have a contrary opinion to theirs and as we all know, we don’t play well together anymore.

Well, I said fuck that awhile ago and this post isn’t any different… well, not really. It’s less rant-y, I think. Or at least I’m intending it to be. We’ll see.

You may not know this, but I’m an ordained person, which means I’m able to join two humans in matrimony. This isn’t unusual as lots of people can do this, but you’ll notice (or not) I didn’t say “holy” matrimony. That’s because I’m not religious and, in my opinion, there isn’t anything truly holy about matrimony. Yes, I’m aware others will disagree. But, by leaving out a single word, I’ve presented a religious viewpoint. Because words fucking matter… both the words we say and those we don’t.

You may also not know this, but I traveled back to Ohio this past weekend and performed a wedding ceremony for a dear, dear friend of mine. She is a progressive liberal and her instructions to me for writing the ceremony were “be yourself” and so I was. But in doing so, and in crafting a ceremony for this couple, I chose specific words at specific points in the ceremony for specific reasons. For example, during the statement of intent, I specifically chose “partner” over husband and wife. Why? Read the definition of partner… go ahead, I’ll wait… just click that link. Now, let’s see what it says for husband and wife… yes, I’ll wait. Continue reading

One Single Month

It’s been a month since my last post. You know, that one where I ranted for and against gun rights. That one where I stood with one foot on each side of the line.

You know, that one where I said we’d never ever come together to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Yeah, that one.

I stand by that post, still, but want to say a few things in follow up.

First off, thanks to those of you that shared the post around to others. It was a difficult post to share. Not just because I filled it with angry expletives, but because it’s a hard place to stand. We’re filled with extremists on both sides (I often go to extremes), and the common sense middle ground is pretty much a no fly zone.

About that, though…

A second thanks to everyone who reached out and had positive and negative things to say. As in, you agreed with some things, disagreed with others, but the bottom line is you started a dialogue with me, or made the offer to talk in the future. It’s what we need to do. It’s what we have to do.

And here’s the “about that” portion… why can’t we extrapolate that to the masses? Don’t get me wrong, I had a few nice messages telling me what a fucking idiot I was (from both sides of this coin, mind you), but nowhere near as many of those as I did people sharing, agreeing, and reaching out in a positive manner.

Just… I don’t know… why can’t we do that on a grander scale?

Anyway, Brownies, that’s all for now.