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The Snap

If you follow my Facebook regularly (though, why would you?) you’ll know I recently watched Avengers: Infinity War. If you follow that page, you’ll also know I am not a Marvel guy by any stretch of the imagination. I always preferred DC… they were darker and I enjoyed that. However, on that note, I will say what Marvel has done with their cinematic universe is nothing short of amazing. But, that’s not the point of this post.

I want, instead, to talk about the entire premise of “The Snap” and, that said, this is kind of your warning that ahead be spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie and intend to, don’t read ahead.

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Meandering Thoughts…

So, I’m in the process of setting up a signing at a local place and I’ve come to realize how out of things I have been, and still am.

Go from sending an email on that to looking at this WIP, and see all the flaws and errors and the shit that it is, and all I can do is give my laptop the finger. So, that’s what I do. Two of them, in fact. One from each hand.

Some old lady sitting near me at Panera cracked up and said, “I hate technology, too.”

She gave me a knowing smile and went back to her coffee and.

But we all know it’s not the technology that vexes me. A lot of it is this… and I’m taking this from the NaNo pep talk email from Min Jin Lee because it’s true and I have to get over it… “You better believe I wanted to have some respectability in my books. Consequently, in all my drafts, you could tell I was trying to garner praise, and my work suffered for it.”

I don’t know, Brownies, but I think that is what’s left nagging at my writer brain. It’s certainly the editor part of me, trying to correct everything as I go, but it’s also something greater than that. It’s not about money or being rich/famous, but definitely to not be thought of as a shit writer, a hack, someone who can’t get it done (when I actually do get it done).