chrislittleThe Past: C. Bryan Brown was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding counties in a middle class family by mostly loving parents (regardless of the famed “Plunger” incident at the age of 17). No one’s sure where all the really dark thoughts come from, but he chalks it up to a steady diet of books by F. Paul Wilson, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, and Lawrence Sanders, followed by unhealthy snacks consisting of too many Disney movies and cartoons, most particularly Beauty & the Beast, and the every so often hilarious and usually painful trauma of family gatherings. Oh, and there was the time, when he was eleven, that his mother dragged him out of bed to watch the original A Nightmare on Elm Street because it scared the shit out of her.

usThe Present: He no longer lives in Missouri. He’s married with children (all boys, thankfully) and pets and debt. He writes, watches too many movies, and has a great fondness for coffee, beer, and sex…not necessarily in that order.

death2The Future: Death. Fuck it; it’s inevitable. He thinks, “Get used to it” is sound advice and every day, he tries to understand his own death. So far, he hasn’t been able to, which only fuels his desire to live. The people he owes money are very grateful for his continuing existence.