Your Friendly Political Reminder

Hey Brownies, it’s just me again, with another PSA concerning the political cocksmacking I see daily on my social media feeds.

I don’t care how big your dick is, or how big you think your candidates dick is, literally or figuratively. Just remember that they’re all smacking you with that dick and you, in turn, are smacking everyone else with someone else’s dick.

Please, please, I beg you, keep that in mind as we keep inching closer to the inevitable clusterfuck that will be our general election this year. Not a single one of these candidates have your best interests at heart. If they did, they wouldn’t be politicians, or shitty businessmen running to be a politician. I don’t give two flying fucks what they say. They’re lying to you. Bernie, Hillary, and Donald are all throwing shade and every post you make denigrating someone else just increases the size of their umbrella. Soon enough they’ll block out the sun, which we all need to live. (Okay, let’s face it, that’s already happened and we’re choking on our own bullshit, just waiting to die.)

Yes, I understand that we’re all (hopefully) going to vote come November, but I urge you to remember friends and family, co-workers and neighbors. You may have differing opinions on the candidates, but don’t alienate them now, not over some fucking assholes who lie, cheat, and steal. You will need people in your corner when the shit hits the fan and if history has shown us anything, it’s that the suits in Washington are not those people. Vote your conscience, always, just don’t be a dick about it.

That’s all, please continue on with your scheduled work week.

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