Too Legit

I am now, officially, too legit to quit this writing racket.

After opening my mouth this weekend in Kentucky and stating, “I don’t have a single 1-star review yet. I’m waiting for it to happen.” it sort of happened. Like, literally, two days later, I received a 1-star rating on Goodreads.

And, yes, I know, you’re saying, “Chris, commenting on bad reviews is a terrible idea.” And I’m nodding my head, agreeing with you. I’ve been on (and attended) many a writer’s panel about bad etiquette, letting these types of reviews run off, but this post isn’t slamming the rating or the one who posted it. I’m not angry at all. But, if I’m going to share my good reviews, it’s only fair I at least mention the bad ones, right? Also, I do consider my first ever 1-star a milestone in my budding career. It’s like getting laid for the first time. It’s frightening for about 30 seconds, and just as you’re cool and relaxed, it’s over. BOOM. Cherry popped.

The rating didn’t include any comments, but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to. I’m not one of those writers who demands such things (though it’s certainly preferred); it is what it is and I’m just grateful another set of eyes bled while reading. That’s the ultimate goal anyway, right? To evoke a strong emotion from your reader? Sure, we want those emotions to be viewed favorably, but it doesn’t always happen. Let’s face it, I haven’t enjoyed every book I’ve ever read.

So, there you have it, Brownies. I am constantly evolving, especially as a writer. That said, if you’ve read the book and feel inclined, please leave it a review and/or a rating. It keeps me going.

And, finally, thank you, reviewer, for your honest opinion. It will always hold a special place in my memory.

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