The Lift – Season One

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on something a little hush hush, which spawned another post about playing in someone else’s sandbox, and now it’s time to let you all know what the hell I was talking about.

liftlogo2I’ve penned a couple of episodes on the upcoming first season of The Lift, which is a hellaciously cool thing being done by Dan Foytik of The Wicked Library. The Lift is all his. The concept, the design, the recurring character, and I’m pretty excited he asked me to participate.

The Lift is located in a building lost in time, space, and with a moral code the mafia would find hard to live by. The episodes will range from mild to wild, scary to gory, but they’re all sure to touch you in some primal way. The Lift is an homage to those great shows Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, and maybe even a little Fantasy Island thrown in for good measure.

Check out the website link up there, click around, and find your way to the Artists’ Lounge to see who else is penning episodes for the first season. As more details come, I’ll share them here on the blog, as usual.

Look for The Lift to premier in October!

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