Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrorists… (say what?)

So this post is probably going to be a definitive Chris is an asshole kind of thing, but that’s okay. I can live with it because I don’t post things like this often, mainly because my opinions are my own and I don’t care who agrees or disagrees with them. But sometimes, just sometimes, I find some things I want to comment on.

As the title suggests, this is about the TMNT movie coming out soon (which I plan to take my children to see) and an article I read about a half hour ago that I couldn’t get out of my head. Basically, the movie releases in Australia on 09/11 and this is the movie poster that was tweeted by the Australian branch of Paramount Studios:

imageThere’s an exploding building and, yes, the turtles haunt the sewers of NYC, and some assholes on the internet decided this was a horrible, horrible idea for a poster because it has the date 09/11 on it. Because, you know, it’s apparently against the human condition to have exploding buildings and the date 09/11 together, even if it’s as fantastical as walking, talking, ninja fighting turtles who were trained by a walking, talking rat. By the way, internet vultures, did you know people are dying in Gaza right now, while you tweet about a comic book adaptation?

And please, don’t mistake this as some anti-patriotic rant about 09/11. I had family in New York when it happened; my job at the time was working with school-aged children and that afternoon was spent in shock, answering questions about why anyone would fly a plane into a building on purpose, to then come home and have to do it all again with my own children, and after 09/11, there were anthrax scares and bomb threats where my wife worked. What I’m saying is that 09/11 affected us all and the people lost will always be in the hearts of Americans, whether we knew them or not.

But at what point do we start to call bullshit on drawing parallels to the worst day in American history, when do we finally stand up and say this cartoonish movie poster is not related to 09/11 and when we act like it is, we  look ridiculous. We don’t look like enlightened, sensitive human beings or compassionate souls with the best interests of anyone or anything at heart.

How is that, Chris? Clearly that poster was a dick move. Unintentional, I’m sure, but a dick move.

If we were truly sensitive (and I include myself in this, by the way, because I sure don’t do as much as I can and you did see the featured image, didn’t you?) to each other, we wouldn’t have half the social-economical issues we do. I’m not going to get into them specifically, but broadly: sexism, racism, under-educated and under-fed, and the list goes on.

The tweet was removed by the studio, of course, and they apologized for any offense, because for them the bottom line is all that matters. The last thing they need is a metric shit-tonne of bad publicity mucking up the movie’s release.

We need to start being better to each other, in general, and learn to pick each other up instead of knocking each other down all the time. Concentrate on the real problems and quit inventing problems where they don’t exist. It’s pretty simple, really. If we’d only just do it.

(I’ve read a handful of articles about this issue, but the Variety article here and the EW article here were the first two.)

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