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I don’t usually… but when I do, I ROAR!

When I first revamped the site, I had said I wasn’t just going to include writing stuff, that I was going to get a bit political, maybe a bit religious, maybe this and maybe that. Well, this blog post is the first taste of that in a way.

I usually keep this sort of thing on non-public Facebook and what not, but you know, it’s when people stay silent that nothing changes. There’s definitely a war on women in this country and if you don’t believe it, well I’m sorry, but you’re willingly blind or stupid or both. I appreciate women, not only the ones in my life, but all of them. I’m going to go into great detail in this post. That’ll come later. But for now…

TO ALL THE WOMEN: You rock. To that end, enjoy this video if you haven’t already seen it. Much love, support to those I’m closest to: my wife, my mother, my sister, my daughter in law, a few others that I’m not going to name check.