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New Cover for Men of Five

So, I’ve been sitting on this for a week or so now, but it’s time to show everyone the new cover for my sci-fi/horror novella, Men of Five.

The artist is Travis Molitor, who, you may remember, did the back cover and interior art for Children of the Moon, the anthology I edited a few years back. It’s badass, people, seriously.

If you read Men of Five a few years ago, you should get this edition for sure. A brand new edit, some new character insights, and it’s been bundled with three short stories, two of which are out of print: Prior Record, The One and the Many, and Pale Deaths.

The first place you can pick this book up is at The Author’s Fair next weekend in Madison, Indiana. After that… well, we’ll just have to see.

And, without further ado, I give you the new, ultra badass cover:


It’s not a manic Monday

So, keeping up on the blog has taken to being a task again, but that’s okay. I’ll get better as the year progresses. If not, well, fuck it, right? It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to. Sorry, mom, you can just call me if you want to chat. But yes, the boys are fine, growing like weeds, and cursing already.

I have some updates to share, such as the fact that I’ll be doing movie reviews over at Destroy the Brain! and that pleases me. This cool ass website focuses on horror movies and the horror genre in general. The owner runs the Late Night GrindHouse in St. Louis at the Hi-Pointe Theatre on McCausland. If you’re from the Lou or visiting while it’s happening, definitely check it out. As a side note, you can read my first movie review here, which is for the foreign horror film Beyond the Grave.

My first signing is coming up in mid-March and I just ordered the books I’ll be taking. I’m also working on having a revamped version of my novella, Men of Five, available as well. It’s gone through the grinder with a professional editor and I have a feeler out for some new cover art. I plan to include at least three short stories (two of which are no longer available anywhere) in with Men of Five. I’m looking forward to getting that particular story out there again.

If you’re not too far from Madison, Indiana you can come see me and a slew of others at That Book Place Authors Fair. This is my first time attending, but I’ve met quite a few of the authors at some point or another and I’m excited to be included with them. Take a gander at the website and the authors and make a plan to come on out and see me (or better, all of us) and get some great books!

That’s all I have for now. I’ll post up again soon, promise.