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I Never Said Goodbye…

So it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I think my last post was sometime in November of last year. Yeah, that was only like two months ago, but when I say it like that, I feel like a dick. I’ve missed being here (sort of, cuz I notoriously suck at blog posting), but now I’m back. The hand is pretty much mended… by pretty much, this is how the conversation with the surgeon went last time:

Doc, as he’s staring at the most recent x-ray: “You just type a lot, right? Like, you’re a writer or something?”
Me: “Something, yeah. Plus a corporate job that has me typing most of the day, too.”
Doc, sliding the x-ray into my encyclopedia of a file: “Okay, good. Stay on light duty for another six weeks. No banging around with that hand. I want you back in six weeks for another x-ray.”
Me, frowning: “I can’t punch my kids yet?”
Doc: “I wouldn’t recommend it, no.”

Take that as you will. Considering I still have residual stretching pain, I’m taking it as the hand is still kind of fucked up. But, there’s no more Skynet hardware in me or therapy going on, so I suppose there’s that.

As far as the rest of it goes, Christmas was awesome, as was New Year’s. Celebrated both with friends and family and had a wonderful 9 days of consumerism and alcohol. I have half a book of notes on the new novel to go through, then it gets packaged and sent off to my preferred publisher for (hopeful) pickup. I’ve got one short story in the wind, and two whiteboards to hang up to keep me on track in 2015. My next post (either later tonight or early tomorrow) will be my annual “Books and Movies” roundup. Didn’t watch or read nearly as much in 2014 as I did in 2013, which meant I spent much of last year fucking off.

True story.