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This (not) just in, but if you haven’t heard, I’ll be down in La Grange, KY on Saturday selling and signing books.

The Where:  Karen’s Book Barn!
The When:   Saturday, 12/12 from 2-5pm
The Who:     Myself and fellow Post Mortem Press author, Josef Matulich.

Rumor has it Josef is bringing his Arcanum Faire series with him and I’ll have my whole entourage as well: They Are Among Us, Necromancer, and Men of Five.

Karen’s Book Barn has been home to the launch of every Victor McCain novel to date. If you haven’t read Tony Acree’s supernatural thrillers, you’re missing a treat. If you remember, Tony guest posted on my blog last year. He wrote about sucking.

I’ve also heard that the boss of PMPress will be present as well. That means I hope you all show up and buy something, so I don’t get fired.

For more information, feel free to contact me or check out the awesome Facebook Event page here: Book Signing at Karen’s Book Barn

This week and next

Here I am, without an actual topic for the first time in over a month. But that’s okay, because I have plenty of updates to generalize about and fill some space. Hopefully those people I’ve asked to provide me some content will do so, that way next week I have more good/fun stuff here for all you awesome Brownies. Anyway, on to the update portion of today’s show…

This weekend, I’ll be attending FandomFest down in Louisville, KY. I’ll be on one panel Saturday, talking about The Walking Dead. The panel will cover the graphic novels, the television show, and the novels. While I haven’t read the novels, I’m pretty well versed in the other mediums, so it should be good fun. I’m looking forward to it.

Now, the weekend after that is the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival in my hometown. If you’re in or around central Ohio, you should definitely stop on by and see me. (Hint: Bring me beer on the sly, cuz they don’t allow alcohol). There’ll be artists, singers, craftspeople, and my good friend and talented author Violet Patterson will be there with me. But, most importantly, there’s FAIRE FOOD. Can’t beat that with a stick.

I’ll be selling copies of Necromancer, They Are Among Us, and Men of Five, so come see me at either of those shows this month.

On the writing front, I’m slugging through At Dawn They Sleep, but it’s on the back burner for a week or so as I work on a semi-secret project with a bunch of other awesome authors. I can’t wait for that to kick off in earnest in, if memory serves, October. Stay tuned to this space for more information as I’m able to release it.

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