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And the best Deadpool is… (drum roll please…)

Post Mortem Press front man, Eric Beebe!

His effortless Deadpool impressed 50% of the voters. He ended the poll well ahead of the runner up, Thor cutepool. That said, Wonderpool Woman took a vote, the giant blue bunnypool took one, and the only Deadpool to get a nod was #2. I hope “Dancin’ Deadpool” was entertaining, at least. I enjoyed the spectacle when it happened, and I think most of you are just as twisted as I am.

To recap, here’s a little gallery of the “winners” in the poll where the votes didn’t matter and everyone was a Deadpool, even when they weren’t, because we’re all a little Deadpool sometimes…

Come back tomorrow and read about my top five vampire movies.

(Hint: I’m an 80s guy…)

GRASP Comic Expo – The Recap Post

graspexpoGRASP Comic Expo is in the books, but it certainly wasn’t a convention for the books or about the books. Attendance was super low (at least, that’s how it felt) and books sales were few and far between, unlike the Deadpools, but more on that later.

For me, the convention lacked drawing power. And I don’t mean people who could draw, there were plenty of those talented folk around, but rather a name or three to draw in a crowd. Most conventions, regardless of size, have at least one celebrity guest (though usually more) whose name gets fans to buy tickets. I’m not one of those vain writers who think every person who walks through the door should buy his book, or even half those people should buy his book, but I am one of those writers who knows you can sell 100% of 0 books to 0 people. If there aren’t enough people to buy, selling is going to suck. And that’s kind of where we were at all weekend. There was some programming going on, but the few times I was near the stage-room, the panels were not well attended.

Perhaps a GRASP party at the hotel would have been in order? I don’t know, as I’m not one to plan conventions. I can plan a party at my house, but that’s about it, and I imagine much easier… “Do we need more booze?” “We always need more booze!”

That being said, I was in the same hotel as the staff and they were pretty great. Always smiling and willing to chat, if you were so inclined. That’s a bonus, because some convention staffers are just shitty people. They put on that STAFF shirt and the top of their head is suddenly four feet above where it used to be and they’re looking down their nose at you. Also at the hotel were a gaggle of women bikers, who were awesome as hell, and awesome people make me smile. They chatted with the wife about Willow the Werepup, took some book postcards, and went on their merry way.

The highlight of the weekend, as usual, were the Post Mortem Press people. Christian A. Larsen was there, and I was able to meet Joseph Williams for the first time. Great guy, he jumped right in with the joking and sarcasm and selling, and also those conversations about writing and publishing that invariably happen.

Now for the Deadpools… in honor of everyone’s favorite 4th wall breaking, foul-mouthed hero, I’ll be uploading all the cosplay pictures and running a “Vote for the best Deadpool” contest. That’s coming later tonight, after I get everything else squared away with the poll and the pictures. So check back soon…