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Texas Frightmare = Cool Cosplay Pictures

(And a generally drunk writer…)

But we won’t talk about the above. At least not much. I do want to invite everyone to hit me up on over on my Snapchat account (magnimusx), because Frightmare is the one place where I take a ton of pictures. This year, I plan on throwing quite a few of them up there to view. It’ll be kind of a “Real Time” experiment for me. Usually, I just load up my phone, then put them up here for people to view. But that takes, well, like a week.

Why a week?

Because I have to drive home (which takes two days), go back to my corporate job, and generally unfuck myself from four straight days of heavy drinking. I’m no spring chicken anymore and that kind of alcohol consumption takes it toll. That toll is about a week’s worth of feeling like shit, a little off-kilter, and cranky.

No, I wouldn’t trade the Frightmare experience. It’s all worth it.

So, if you want to see the pictures as they happen, Snapchat username magnimusx should be your destination.


Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015

TFW45Another TFW is in the books, and I literally mean in the books. Sold some books, bought some books, my publisher has probably recorded sales “in his books,” so the euphemism is more than apt. I also mean the fucking thing is over, don’t get me wrong, but just like the last couple of years, it’s hard to say goodbye to Texas. Granted, most of that might be my dread for the 18 hour drive back to Ohio talking, but maybe not. As you can see by the picture on the left, we collected Writers Tears in a bottle.

And then we drank them.

Texas Frightmare is an intense weekend, but it’s a MUST ATTEND for any horror fan. And I’m not saying go every year, but you should do TFW at least once. The celebrities are great, the staff is fantastic, the movies are a blast, and the events (Friday night themed party/Saturday Scaryoke) are pretty fucking cool, too. PLUS THE COSPLAY! Holy hell, there are so many and they are stellar. Check out my photo gallery, which isn’t even a fraction of what I saw. If I took pictures of every cosplay, it’s all I’d do. (cosplayers, if you see a pic and want tagged, send me a message via the contact form. I was drinking and don’t remember everyone)

Now, I’m not a celebrity autograph getting kinda guy, but this year they had Brad Dourif in attendance. GUYS! BRAD DOURIF! BILLY BIBBIT. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST! So I paid for an autograph. Of Brad Dourif. AS BILLY BIBBIT! He was the nicest celebrity (read: only) I spoke to all weekend. Okay, seriously, I’m done now.

My wife, bless her heart, is trying to snatch up all The Walking Dead actors. She got two more this weekend, Alexandra Breckenridge and the dude playing Nick, who’s just trying to kill Glenn. Fucker. Eh, that’s not fair, his name is Michael Traynor and my wife gave him props for being a cool guy. He even touched her werepup, which most people don’t do (myself included). My wife said they were both just excellent people and great at her photo shoot. I appreciate that, because it’s not always the case. Kudos to Ms. Breckenridge and Mr. Traynor for being top notch.

My new book, They Are Among Us, had its first convention appearance. I thoughtTFW46 it did okay, as we sold most of them. If you happened to buy a copy, THANK YOU! Enjoy the start of The Blood War, and remember to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or your blog, or whatever. Coming next year will be the sequel, At Dawn They Sleep.

In the glass are the bloodsuckers we gave away as promotional items. If you read the book, there’s a part in there where the idea definitely fits (though I didn’t write it in, because, well, it’s a bonus item).

I’d like to shout out to a few people, they’ll know who they are… signing “rape and torture” and signing with my “cack and bawls” and to whomever made me chose my favorite line. Good stuff.

A special thanks to Eric and Stephanie Beebe of Post Mortem Press, my wife Michelle, Brad Carter, Andrew Nienaber, and Jon (can’t remember his last name).