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Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival THIS WEEKEND

I’ll be at the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival signing books this weekend with the super awesome Violet Patterson. If you’re in or around central or north central Ohio, come on by and soak up some history, small town, and fun!

It starts tomorrow at 11am and runs through Sunday evening, shutting down after the final concert each night. There’s a car show, quilting show, pancake breakfast, guitar contests, opera house tours, and even a cheer competition. Did I mention it’s a festival, which means FAIR FOOD! Holy balls… I know my wife is going to be bringing me food, but you know I’ll be sneaking off for a funnel cake or a mountain of krazy kurly fries.

I’ll be there all four days, minus some time to watch my kid sing on one of the stages. I’ll have copies of Necromancer and Men of Five for sale, along with a postcard to pick up my short story collection, Bits & Pieces, for FREE on Friday and Saturday.

So YOU (yes YOU) should come by and buy a book or a hat or a CD from me or Violet. See the sights, play the games, eat the food (ohmygodthefood).


Rumor has it…

rhinestonecowboy… that this happened today.

It’s an odd thing to put on a rhinestone riddled cowboy hat and the first thing someone says is, “Oooooh, I have to get a picture of that!”

Especially when that person is your spouse. My father (of the famed plunger incident) quickly posted a response: “Man, I wish I had two of them hats.”

We had an outing to the county fair tonight, just to get out of the house and shake off the cobwebs, and it was fun. There wasn’t much going on (I live in a boring county, apparently), but the place had an actual arcade in it. Haven’t seen something as beautiful as that since high school. Most often nowadays, it’s a mixture of arcade games, sport games, air hockey, and various other ticket games for kids. An arcade just isn’t what it used to be.

And there’s another rumor floating around, which is I’ll be at the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival in Mount Vernon, Ohio selling and signing books. The dates for that are August 7th-10th, so there’s plenty of time to come see me. The event is unofficially confirmed (meaning we called and they said I was good, but I haven’t received any paperwork or emails) so I’m counting on it. Could be a mistake, and if so, I’ll let everyone know here. Click the link, check out the website, and hope to see you there.