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This (not) just in, but if you haven’t heard, I’ll be down in La Grange, KY on Saturday selling and signing books.

The Where:  Karen’s Book Barn!
The When:   Saturday, 12/12 from 2-5pm
The Who:     Myself and fellow Post Mortem Press author, Josef Matulich.

Rumor has it Josef is bringing his Arcanum Faire series with him and I’ll have my whole entourage as well: They Are Among Us, Necromancer, and Men of Five.

Karen’s Book Barn has been home to the launch of every Victor McCain novel to date. If you haven’t read Tony Acree’s supernatural thrillers, you’re missing a treat. If you remember, Tony guest posted on my blog last year. He wrote about sucking.

I’ve also heard that the boss of PMPress will be present as well. That means I hope you all show up and buy something, so I don’t get fired.

For more information, feel free to contact me or check out the awesome Facebook Event page here: Book Signing at Karen’s Book Barn

In the Pipe, 3×3

I guess it should be 5×5, but I wasn’t asked to give five, just three.

“Three what, Chris?”

Oh, I forgot to explain. I do that sometimes.  I was tagged twice in another little fun Tagging McTaggy thing where I’m supposed to give the first line of the first three chapters in my latest work in progress. I’m thanking Josef Matulich and Violet Patterson for this honor. However, I’m not going to give you three chapters, I’m going to give you the first line out of three separate novels, all currently in progress. All which I hope to have completed and in your hands by the end of next year.

First line to the current untitled vampire novel:
Alexandria Maxell enjoyed a summer cookout as much as the next person, but she preferred her meat from animals, not people.

First line to a young adult novel with the tentative title “Sir Christian”:
Had it been a typical Friday for fourteen year old Christian Rite, he’d only have been in trouble two or three times.

And finally, from an urban fantasy novel with the tentative title “Reckonings”:
Nikki’s father used to tell her cemeteries were the safest place to be, and she believed him, until she learned the dead could come back.

Be sure to check out Josef’s b0ok, Camp Arcanum, available on Amazon here and Violet’s books, also on Amazon, here!