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Texas Frightmare Weekend Recap

Another Frightmare gone.

I do love attending this convention. I think, if I never release another book, I’d lobby to go back as a fan. It’s that much fun. It’s made better, of course, by the people I’m lucky enough to hang out with.

The highlights for the weekend… selling books (as usual), drinking more than my fair share of booze, buying books (including an original illustrated Animal Farm), met Kenneth Johnson, and I attended several screenings over the course of the weekend. Frightmare is awesome for indie horror.

As a reference point, the movies I watched were: Mortal Remains, Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre, Last Girl Standing, and American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock. They weren’t all good, and I’ll do separate reviews on them next week.

My publisher’s table, next to Rose McGowan’s table and across from Kane Hodder, jumped all weekend long. We observed all the usual Frightmare traditions: Writers Tears whisky, local Texas beer, Arkansas beer, Ohio beer, and rum.

This year’s indie press book haul includes titles from Brad Carter, Christian A. Larsen, Tally Johnson, David Goudsward, and Luke Harrington. Check out this book boner…
frightmarebooksYou can’t beat that with a stick in my opinion. Not even close. Hell, I even managed to pick up a couple Larry Cohen films on Blu-ray: Q: The Winged Serpent and The Stuff. If you haven’t seen these 80s gems, well, you need to.

Lastly, of course, the kick ass cosplay. It’s always a sight to behold, and this year did not disappoint. Click here to see my Frightmare image gallery! And come back sometime next week for reviews of the films I watched, and on Tuesday, your Top Ten returns with “Lake Placid.”

The Crypticon Recap

This one will actually be pretty short and, because I suck (at times), there are no pictures.

What the fuck…

I forgot all my postcards and business cards, so I had no way to redirect people to my website to pick up a copy of their pictures. And I don’t feel it’s fair to post them without them being able to get it, so I opted to just not take pictures. The cosplay was stellar, as usual, and it saddens me not to be able to share it with everyone.

Now, on to the more pertinent shit about the convention. You already know I’m going to say it was fun, and it was, as they usually are. I’ve mentioned that selling books is a primary concern at these things, and I pawned something like 10 0f mine off on people. It’s not a great number, all told, but it’s a damn sight better than none. Enjoy, to those who purchased copies.

The convention had the usual smattering of celebrity guests, the coolest of which was Chris Mulkey. Nice guy, bought a book even, and can play the shit out of guitar. Check his band out here… and that link above is his IMDB page, so you can go rent the shit he’s in, too. Why? TWIN PEAKS and FIRST BLOOD, that’s why! Lance Henriksen was also there, Ashley Williams, Derek Mears, Vernon Wells, Heather Langenkamp, and others.

This was one of those conventions where I was able to talk to the tables next to us. We had awesome people on both sides. To the right, we had the Kansas City Horror Club. I liked the Facebook page here, even though I’m not in KC… why? Because they were just cool as hell, and they throw a damned BALL around Halloween. Yeah, if I lived closer, I’d attend that shit. With bells on. Check out the FB page and throw them a like, share the horror, Brownies. They’re good people and super fun to talk to. I’d tell you about it, but then I’d have to kill you.

On our left, we had a super talented guy who did shoe art. Stuff was pretty cool. You can check out his work at Alzado Company. Artist’s name is Kyle Stanley. Get over there and check out the shoes, custom art, murals… pretty much if you’re in the KC area and need art, call this dude.

The highlight of the weekend, other than hanging with the always awesome Eric Beebe of Post Mortem Press, Brad Carter,  and Lenny Stewart, was hitting up Arthur Bryant’s for some original Kansas City bbq. Holy fuck, but was it good. Behold the power and the glory of pulled pork and beef brisket…

imageThere you go, there’s one picture I took… of my food. Ha. Bask in the glory of excellent barbeque. I’m not sure if it’s better than Pappy’s in the Lou, but it’s close. Real damn close.

That was about all I did in Kansas City, really. As far as conventions go, it was subdued, at least for me, though I don’t think the con itself is that way. It’d been a long week and I was okay with just chilling out a bit.

And that’s all I have for this convention. Maybe one day I’ll get all up into something at one of them, other than beer and books…