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The Dystopian Express has rolled into the station…

It’s finally out! It’s been a bit of a wait, I know, but you can now purchase the Kindle edition of this most excellent dystopian fiction. The print book is coming soon (a couple of more weeks). So, if you’re a fan of anything where the world is fucked, definitely pick this up. You can get it right here

My story, “An Unfettered Life,” appears within the hallowed pages of the book, and here’s the synopsis for my piece: The world has changed, and not for the better. The sick, the handicapped, and the old are all liabilities, able to sell themselves into death to better humanity, or just their own family. But what happens when the ones being sold can’t speak for themselves?

Unfettered is one of the stories I’ve held onto for years, tweaking and dicking with, because it means a lot to me. I’m happy it found a home amongst other excellent dystopian fiction. Dystopian Express is published by Hydra Publications.

The “Dystopian Express” is heading your way.

I’m back! With more news, as promised! I’m testing your memories today, Brownies, as this is another publication I mentioned awhile back and I promised to share more news when I had it. Well, I do!

dystopianexpressMy short story, “An Unfettered Life,” is included in the upcoming anthology, Dystopian Express from Hydra Publications. You can see the killer cover art right here, along with the list of contributing authors.  All dystopia, all the town aboard this train.

Unfettered, as I’ve come to call it over the last few years, is a personal favorite of mine. It’s evolved quite a bit from first draft to final publication, but the nature of the piece demanded it. Once you read it, you’ll understand what I mean by that.

The anthology was edited by Robin Blankenship and F.L. Hall, and as soon as I get a release date, I’ll pass it along. Keep a look out, it should be pretty soon, just in time for your holiday shopping!

Here’s a short synopsis of my story: How many financial collapses, terrorist attacks, and wars does it take to lose our basic decency? Follow Bobby McFreddy in the not-so-distant future as he protects young Gwillam Ray from an increasingly unforgiving social environment.