Square Dance Day

Man, I remember doing this in gym class when I was but a wee little grade school asshole. The first dancing I ever did with a “partner” and, of course, it was a girl. It was very weird, you know, to dance with a girl when you were eight. Back then (and I’m sure it’s still the same), it was all about popularity and, well, I wasn’t ever very popular. Just made it all awkward.

All that aside, I remember square dancing being rather fun. I’m a fat white guy who claps on 1 and 3, so any kind of dancing where I don’t fuck it up, I enjoy. I do like to dance, but I prefer not embarrassing myself more, so unless I’ve had more liquor than water, I stay sidelined. The only exception to that rule is a slow dance with my wife, but she’s at that age where just swaying to the music isn’t fun. This woman wants to waltz and shit. I figure I’m doomed at some point.

If you’re into square dancing, then Square Dance Day is going to be right up your alley. Or if you just like to dance, and have a partner, try out the square dancing. I might try to talk my wife into it. The webpage for Holiday Insights has some extra links about the health benefits and the history of square dancing in the United States. It’s interesting reading, at the very least, check it out and dosey do, Brownies!

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