See You Next Wednesday

Wednesday has become my regular posting day, but I really don’t have anything at the moment. Things are winding down for the season and I’m busy beta reading a book for a friend, working on my next novel, and prepping my next episode of The Lift. I’m also finalizing a wedding ceremony I’m performing Saturday afternoon, which really trumps everything else until it’s done.

Who knows what next week’s topic will be? You can always use the contact me link on this page to suggest topics. I am thinking maybe the difference between courtesy and respect, how one should be freely given, and the other earned. People often get the two confused, it seems. Or it might be something else off the wall.

I should also have some guest posts from some really cool people over the next few weeks, too.

Stick around, Brownies. We’re just getting started here.

Oh, as an afterthought, I had a panel at Imaginarium over the weekend about outside influences. Here’s a big one…


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