Publication News! “Emotional Eaters” is live!

My fellow Brownies … yeah, that won’t work. I can’t be that guy this early in the morning. I’ve been pretty quiet lately other than the fun posts, mainly because I’m busy writing and editing (the 2nd Blood War novel is well on its way) and family and holidays. BUT, I’m here to share some publication news.

eatersartFirst, you remember me talking about working on “The Lift,” a podcast that’s part Twilight Zone and part Fantasy Island. I wrote two episodes for the first season, the first of which is up now for your listening pleasure. “Emotional Eaters” is the Thanksgiving special, and it’s a holiday feast you don’t want to miss. We all bring more than just pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce to the table, don’t we? Find out what Kasey Adams takes with her. The kick ass art there is by Jeanette Andromeda, narration by the always talented Daniel Foytik (who wrote the blog post, Finding Real Magic), and that music? Holy balls, Brownies, check out the composers, Cathedral Sounds, at their website and their SoundCloud. I’m proud to work with such talented people.

And no, I didn’t forget … check out the voice talent behind Victoria herself, Amber Collins. I heard Victoria’s narration before anything else. Chills, Brownies, chills.

And later today, I’ll have ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT about a favorite story of mine.

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