OUT NOW: They Are Among Us

amonguscoverMy new novel “They Are Among Us” is available as a paperback and Kindle ebook on Amazon! It’s a week early, but I’m not sad about that.

You can pick up a copy RIGHT HERE!

If you prefer Barnes & Noble, it’ll be available there soon.

“They Are Among Us” makes its convention debut next weekend at Texas Frightmare. If signed copies are your thing and Texas is your stomping ground come by and pick up a copy!


Special Agent Alexandria Maxell believes in human monsters, those whose soul is tainted by the desire for torture, rape, and murder. However, the discovery of a burned body may change her mind as all the evidence indicates the victim and the killer are creatures that exist on human blood. As the body count rises, Alexandria and her team initiate a desperate manhunt to bring the killer to justice, only to uncover a plot to decimate mankind and enslave the survivors.

Jack Damage has hunted humans for centuries, preying on them at will. Now, twice betrayed by his own kind, Jack is conscripted into the impending human genocide, and he must fight the war on two fronts if he hopes to preserve anything from his old way of life. When the return of a vicious, unrelenting enemy threatens the future of both races, Jack must shift his focus from preservation to survival.

Out of time and options, Alexandria and Jack both realize that truth and salvation will only exist when they are among us.


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