Olde Canal Days…

Another weekend, another event in the books. This time it was the Olde Canal Days here in Ohio, which is mostly local for me. It’s a little more than an hour north of where I live. I have to drive up through Amish country, which is pretty damn scenic, truth be told. Of course, with the main road I travel on closed, I saw far more of Amish Ohio than I wanted, but that’s neither here nor there. In the day light, it’s awesome (see above), but I had my concerns about coming home in the dark and finding myself as a key player in The Amish Chainsaw Massacre.

Right… the Amish who wouldn’t use a chainsaw anyway… that’s my frame of mind of sometimes. And it should also put to rest any questions about “where do your ideas come from?”

This is my third year at Canal Days. I enjoy the hell out of it. Not just because I get to chew the fat with my publisher, Mr. Beebe, but I enjoy the shit out of street festivals. Most excellent food, awesome atmosphere, interesting people… plus selling books. The selling portion of the day was lighter than usual, but I’m certainly not in it to get rich and famous. I’d just like to quit my corporate job and be able to sit in my local Panera (like I’m doing on my day off) and write for you fine folk.

The pain of low sales was further diminished by hanging with the esteemed Rock Neelly and Josef Matulich. Click their names, check out their websites, buy their books. Next up for me is the Scares that Care Weekend in Virginia. That’s coming up July 24-26. I’ll be selling books with Post Mortem, but let’s face it, I’ll also be fangirling it a little bit. Lots of great authors, celebs, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hope you’re able to make it out, too!

Stick around until Wednesday for my post on vampire slayers.

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