News: A Changing of the Guard

This is kind of my two week notice that, at the end of the month, I’m swapping web servers and doing some crazy stupid shit that I’m totally dumb about. I do have some great people helping me with advice and smacks upside my head when needed, so hopefully there won’t be too big of an interruption.

(Sorry, mom, I know you come here to find out what I’m doing. I promise, I’ll call more instead.)

With that out of the way, I’m going to do NaNoWriMo again this year. Hopefully I win, unlike last year, when I only clocked about 32k or something (maybe even less).

I’ve heard a lot of writers (and non-writers, too) talk some serious shit about NaNo and how “Oh, you only write during November, so you’re A) not a real writer, B) not serious, C) stupid D) unprofessional, E) pretty much any insult out there…”

Well, no, douchebags, it’s none of the above for me. I do writing related tasks everyday, whether it’s reading, editing, or writing new words. But unlike some writers, I have a full time job, a college education to finish, two young kids, a wife I enjoy spending time with (doing things other than screwing, too), plus hobbies such as gaming, drinking beer, and what not. So what November provides for me is EXTRA TIME to write, because my wife allows (yes, I say allows, because if she didn’t allow it, it wouldn’t happen) me to basically say fuck all in regards to “family time” and I go out writing nearly every day. I’m restricted by the Thanksgiving dinner and my kids’ birthday parties. Those are must attend functions.

So, for all those naysayers, there are those of who use November as an enhancement to our already normal regimen of writing, so before you pop off at the mouth and talk some shit, take a moment to think. Sure, NaNo might not be for you (and that’s fine) but it’s a boon to some.

That is all.

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