New Event Added: Grove City Wine & Arts Festival

Mark your calendars, people, to come see me and a dozen other authors (most yet to be determined) at the Grove City Wine & Arts Festival on June 14th. We promise to sign any books you purchase from us. There will be music, arts, all kinds of stuff to see and purchase. It’s a street festival, and those are a blast.

Oh, and there’ll be wine for you to drink. Probably lots and lots of wine. It runs from 11 am to 10 pm, so you have all day. I’ll be there all day, for sure, and that’ll be a sight. A redheaded Irish in the sun all day with liquor? That’ll be a fucking show itself.

Two of the authors I know that will be in attendance are Violet Patterson and Tony Acree.

2 responses to “New Event Added: Grove City Wine & Arts Festival

  1. I’m surprised they would even let me in the gate. Little do they know…Looking forward to harassing young master Brown.

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