National Cherries Jubilee Day

I’m back at this stupid holidays thing again. I just, you know, can’t fathom that people like us (Americans) who enjoy nothing more than killing and tearing each other down can actually have come up with these things. Or maybe, just maybe, we need to pay more attention to them? Who knows. I surely don’t, because I’m not the nicest of people and I have a tendency to stick to my own. I wrote a whole post about it called My Kind of Asshole.

Cherries-JubileeToday, the 24th of September, is National Cherries Jubilee Day. Cherries Jubilee? Do they get together and party? Dance a little bit, get hopped up on something and make bad decisions? I had no idea what this was until today and I looked that shit up. Cherries Jubilee, apparently, is a dessert. Cherries and brandy, which is then flambéed and poured over vanilla ice cream.

It’s a rich person’s dessert. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had flambéed desserts and meals before, and they’re good, but in my experience, they’re also expensive. It sounds like this dessert is for someone too good to put chocolate syrup over their ice cream and call it a sundae. I mean, seriously, if you need to be different, pour some raspberry syrup on there instead. Go whole hog, even, and do three syrups. You’re only limited by your imagination.

So there you go have it… go on out today and find yourself (or make it, I suppose) some cherries jubilee. Feel free to post up pictures in the comments of yourself devouring this obviously so delicious dessert it needs a day of celebration.

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