National Bologna Day

So many choices, and only one time for one blog post. On tap today we have the following: National Bologna Day, United Nations Day, and Make a Difference Day. I’m kind of like fuck the United Nations, you know? They’re a half-assed organization anyway and, like many of these holidays, why should there be a single day dedicated to making a difference? We should strive to make a difference every day.

bologna2I’m going with National Bologna Day, simply because bologna is such an underrated lunch meat (kind of like braunschweiger) and any time I find it on the menu, I order it. Whether it’s deep fried, grilled, or just as a cold cut, I’m in. I particularly like it with some hot mustard, onions, on a toasted bun or roll. Man … that shit will set you free.

Like any meat, there are a ton of varieties to choose from. Hell, there’s beef, chicken, turkey, and I’ve even seen fake bologna. I can’t remember if it was tofu or something else, but there you have it. Also, check your spelling, because “baloney” is incorrect. I’ll doubt your sincerity to this fine meat if you spell it that way.


Are you a fan of bologna? If so, how do you like it? Fried, grilled, cold, or safe and sound on your grocer’s shelf? Sound off in the comments and let’s celebrate this lunch meat the way it should be. Loud and proud!


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  1. You had me at braunschweiger.

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