My Top 3 The Walking Dead Finale Death Predictions

As usual, I’m not going to hold anything back, so if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, steer clear. I’m going to base my list off what I’ve seen on the show, the commercials, the comic book scene, and the arc going forward in the comic book. Now, I’ve seen many odd-ball predictions, and I’m going to talk about a couple of those before I get to my list.

  1. Tara – This isn’t happening. She’s not with the group, and let’s remember Denise just got crossbowed in her eye. That was Abraham’s death in the comic book. Denise took his place, and now Tara will take Holly’s place later in the comic book when Rick and company attack The Sanctuary. I’ll stop there, but that’s what I think will happen with Tara going forward.
  2. Sasha – This also isn’t happening. Sasha has become the group’s sharpshooter, which is important going forward in the “All Out War” story. Andrea performed these duties in the comic, but she’s done here, and thus Sasha will survive, at least the finale.

I’m going to move into my picks for those most likely to die. I’m going to give this to you in my “least to most” favorite choices, plus I’ll give a few reasons as to why I think they’re on the block, but also why I think (at least in the first two) why I think they’ll survive.

Abraham Ford


Why I Think He May Go: He’s already dead in the comic, and he dies a punk fucking death for who he was. He took Denise’s arrow from the back and it just sucked; it was a horrible character death. They can correct that comic book mistake by having Negan knock Abraham’s block off in the finale. Plus, he looks like a badass, and it’d be intimidating to the others to beat his brains out with absolutely no resistance. The bigger they are and all that..

Why I Think He Might Live: The group is going to war. No doubt about it, we all know it. And at one point, in the comic, Rick makes a statement that he wished Abraham was still alive to help with the tactical planning. That can happen now, and the core television group is much bigger than the core comic group. The “All Out War” storyline will need cannon fodder. He’ll fill that role nicely.

Daryl Dixon


Why I Think He May Go: Daryl Dixon has run his course. He’s gone full circle, from being a hot-headed redneck to an integral part of the group, and he’s back to being a hot-headed redneck. Reckless, stupid, almost like he’s begging to get killed in a way. Also, Dwight is super fucking important going forward in the “All Out War” story. Important enough that killing him will require a lot of story movement, and Daryl WILL NOT LET DWIGHT LIVE. Therefore, Daryl will die.

Why I think He Might Live: They can always just have Daryl kill Dwight, use a different Savior, and let Daryl take over the Sanctuary once Negan is out of the way. Story movement isn’t impossible, and Gimple and his writers do a damn fine job capturing the essence of each TWD storyline. The downside to that theory is they’ve already built up Dwight’s dislike of Negan in the episode “Always Accountable” and we’ve now seen Dwight has been “ironed” by Negan, which only increases Dwight’s hatred of Negan. The upside is that Daryl is a super fan favorite and, well, despite their constant assurances no one is safe, we don’t all believe that, do we?

Glenn Rhee


Why I Think He May Go: Honestly, we’ve been teased so damn much with this guy’s death, my opinion is we’re being prepped. Forget that it’s him who kissed Lucille in the comic book, and even forget all the foreshadowing with the bats and the pictures in the Saviors’ outpost. Glenn has done the ultimate taboo in his book: he killed a human. And not just any human, but a defenseless, sleeping one at that. The only thing left for him to do is sacrifice himself for his wife and child, and Negan will give him that opportunity.

Why I Think He Might Live: They’re using all these close calls with Glenn not to prep us, but to throw us off Daryl’s scent. We’re so caught up in the “will he/won’t he” be the one, we’re not paying as much attention to the others as we should. It’s a classic use of misdirection, and it’s been well done (barring that fucking idiotic dumpster save). However, between Glenn and Daryl, I think Glenn is the more likely to die, but that margin is slim.

What do you think, Brownies? Sound off in the comments. Talk to me!

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  1. Hhhhmmm. Iteresting theories. But of course you have my 3 favorite guys in the cross hairs. LOL.

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