It’s Medication Time

October 19th isn’t just my kid’s last visit to the dentist, it’s also Evaluate Your Life Day.

This is pretty straight forward in its meaning. Something tells me self-evaluation should be done on a more regular basis than once a year, but hey, to each their own. By the way, that something happens to be every entity I owe money to, my kids, my wife, and both my corporate and creative jobs.

money1If you want to always be moving forward, you should always be evaluating If not daily or weekly, then monthly. And, getting older, this evaluation isn’t just with the intangibles in life like happiness or worry, but those concrete items such as money in the bank, personal assets that add wealth to my estate (such as a ranch house built in the 1950s can be considered an estate).

Do I have enough? 9 times out of 10 the answer is a rousing fuck no, but at least I’m aware of it. And yes, there are people out there who aren’t. There are people my age who aren’t really planning ahead at all. And while this post (or this holiday) isn’t solely about financial evaluation, I just want to point out that the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness” is bullshit and money, quite frankly, is the root of all evil. It’s also the one thing everyone needs enough of.

Let’s examine…

money2Money buys you all the components that lead to happiness: leisure time, less worries, better educations, better vacations, all of which lead to better quality time spent with the ones you love. Seriously, are you happier when you know you have three months of your mortgage banked or when you’re scrambling, wondering if your three jobs are going to pay the rent this month? Cash provides you with the ability to better manage the intangibles of happiness.

Now, don’t think I’m advocating everyone needs a mansion and a million dollars in the bank. Not at all. Even if you choose to live simply, you still need enough money to accommodate your chosen lifestyle. Sure, that may be a metric fuck-ton less than someone else (which also lowers overall stress, but that’s not really the point), but it’s still a fact that if you don’t have enough, it sucks.

So remember kiddies, while you’re worried about whether or not you’re pissing in karma’s face by being nice enough or whether or not you’re doing right by everyone or thinking that money isn’t everything, just keep in mind that money certainly helps you be nice, do the right thing, and have a healthier conscience. Basically, what I’m saying is that we should all stop giving the greenback a bad reputation. This post went off track real quick, honestly… excuse me while I go evaluate my life.


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