Leprechaun Day

leprechaun4I’m going to start putting the Silly Holidays on the website. There’s a practical reason for that, which is more room for me to write things about our stupid holidays. I’m also not going to do it daily anymore, as I get way too busy when I’m not at work. I know that sounds funny, but while I’m waiting for reports and screens to switch, I can look these up and run off a Facebook post in about five minutes. Problem is, it’s convention season and I spend more time away from work than I do at work. All that said, welcome to Leprechaun Day.

Why in the hell we need this day is beyond my ken. I don’t want their pot of gold, especially if they’re going to send Warwick Davis after me looking like that. He can keep that shit. No, really. Even if those movies weren’t a study in greed, and how it corrupts and kills, I’d still say no. I have two kids and I can’t imagine having to feed another one. Plus, I imagine shopping is a pain in the ass too. Right waist, wrong inseam every time. Sure, he could just miracle them to the right size, but where’s the fun in that? It has nothing to do with his gold, or killing people, so I figure he’d employ a tailor, like the rest of us.

We also have National Receptionist Day and Frog Jumping Day. I’ll take Frog Jumping Day, since it seems this day came from Twain’s story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” and if you haven’t read it, you should. Just click the title to get to a copy you can read online.

Let’s maybe have some discussion… why do we have all these inane holidays? What’s the reason you believe we celebrate such things as leprechauns and jumping frogs?

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