It’s learn about composting day!

CompostLogoReally, it is. Today is Learn About Composting Day.

And it’s an important part of recycling and gardening. If you’re able to compost, you should. We used to compost, but then dogs. They tore it all up, and we used all of what we had. Then, last year, we moved the compost pile was where the new garden to where the compost pile was, so we’re in a state of flux at the moment. So much so that we don’t even have a garden this year. The wife still saves egg shells and a few other items that are good compost material, though.

I used to be one of those non-recycling guys. Didn’t see the point of it. Trash was trash, you know? Why separate that shit out. Bottles, cans, cardboard, paper.


Then, one day, the kid comes home from school and says, “We have to recycle. We’re killing the planet, dad. And I want to have some place to live when I get older.”

Funny how what was never important is suddenly the most important thing ever. And seeing as how the trash company was charging me a recycling fee (even though I wasn’t recycling) I went for it.

Check this link here for a pretty comprehensive list of compost materials!

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