I’ll be Entering the Imaginarium this weekend

imaglogoImaginarium is my last big convention of the year. And I use the term “big” loosely here, as this is mostly a peer-driven conference encapsulating all things writing: novels, comics, movies, plays, role-playing games, etc. There’s not an overly large buying crowd present (at least, not last year and this year remains up in the air for that) and so it’s relaxing to not have to be on all the time, selling.

If you’re any sort of writer, then this should probably be the convention you want to attend at some point. In a lot of ways, I feel like it’s replacing Context as the regional writing conventions, as it offers a lot of the same stuff, but with a much wider array guests overall. It may not draw the high profile authors you’d see at Context as a Guest of Honor, but I don’t doubt that next year or the year after, that happens.

You can check out Imaginarium’s extensive (holy shit, do I mean extensive) programming list here. Lots and lots of panels to fill the days. Not only are there panels, but there are workshops, filk and rock music concerts, a film festival, and an entire room devoted to gaming of all types,… so much so that I may try to find my way into a few games of Catan or Cards Against Humanity or something this year, instead of flailing around the dance floor at the Masquerade Ball.

Here’s a list of the panels I’ll be on throughout the weekend:

Friday: 4pm Publishing 101 (Madison)
Friday: 8pm Beyond the Dice: RPG as role-playing, not dungeon crawling (Hancock)
Friday: 9pm Horror is Love (Oldham)
Saturday:  10am Outside Influences (Shelby)
Saturday:  6pm Pen Name, Yes or No (Shelby)
Sunday: 12pm Moderating Q&A w/Tony Acree
Sunday: 1pm BLOCKED! (Shelby)

If I’m not in a panel, look for me at the Post Mortem Press table with awesome authors Jessica McHugh, KT Jayne, and Gina Morales. Or I’ll be floating around with the likes of Tim McWhorter or Violet Patterson. Or I’ll be alone, in my room, writing, and then you’re screwed, eh?

See you then.

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  1. Another name for Imaginarium is Writers Drinking Bourbon. Just sayin’

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