I Never Said Goodbye…

If you don’t get that 80s reference, we might not be able to continue to be friends.

But I never did say goodbye, and for those of you who know me, you know why I’ve been quiet the last month or so. That’s all coming to an end soon, and I know I’m behind on my Top Ten Life Lessons, and I had started talking about one of my greatest fandoms, The Walking Dead, and that slipped out to.

But hey, you got to give to live, right? And when the eagle’s fly, and you’re standing at the same old crossroads, you know it’s time. Time to get on your hands and knees, and when the hammer falls, get back into you, for that’s all the privacy you really need. I’m returning home, back from what’s been a six week boys night out, and I figure, what they gonna say now?

Nothing, that’s what, because I’m back.

Next up today is some news, and starting next week, the Top Tens and The Walking Dead thoughts as well. Plus, we’re going into convention season, and while I’ve cut back this year (my next book is literally kicking my ass with its problems), there will be pictures.

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