Hermit Day

Dig it, Brownies. It’s Hermit Day. A day you’re supposed to spend in seclusion, alone, away from the rest of the population. As an introvert, I appreciate the shit out of this notion. I’d probably lube it up and keep it on the top shelf of my closet if possible, you know, one of those “toys” you don’t tell anyone you have. But, seriously, it’s too good not share, especially if you can make it work for you.

Unfortunately, I can’t, because I have kids and I do leave them voluntarily from time to time with babysitters or with their mother or whatever, it’s not so I can just go find a cave somewhere and be alone. It’s usually for some writing related thing where I’m surrounded by tons of people in some capacity or another.

That said, once they’re grown, a day in the woods away from the world, fishing or reading or just fucking sleeping might be in order. I could dig it. What about you? Could you disconnect and leave everything behind for a day?

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