He thought his name was Todd (not really, but hey…)

I read Dean Koontz growing up. In fact, his novels Lightning and Watchers continue to inspire to this day. If you haven’t read those books, you really should. They’re both excellent books in regards to character and story, and quite frankly, they’re all around great reads. As I grew older, for reasons many and varied, I stopped inhaling Koontz’s books, other than the sporadic impulse read.

One of those impulse reads was Odd Thomas. My wife bought me Odd Thomas not long after it hit paperback and I gobbled it up. As I did the next couple of books in the series. I’m behind now (naturally), but something about Odd appealed to me and still does.

I’m excited to see the movie. Here’s the trailer…


Why am I excited? Mainly because they haven’t made a movie out of Lightning yet and all variations of Watchers suck (as compared to the book), and with the exception of Intensity, most of the book-to-movie translations of Koontz’s work shared an egg. And if I were being honest (and I usually am) Intensity is as good as it is because of John C. McGinley. He’s just one of those actors that makes everything he’s in better.

I’ll hold out hope for the movie to be at least decent, until proven otherwise. Per Dean Koontz’s website, “The wait is over for all you Odd Thomas fans! The Odd Thomas movie is On Demand now and will be available for rent on iTunes and Amazon NEXT WEEK, 2/11/14! You can pre-order the movie beginning on 2/25/14, and the DVD, BluRay, and Digital Download will release on 3/25/14. Want to see Odd on the big screen? There will also be a limited theatrical release on 2/28/14 in 10 markets, including NY & LA. More to come!

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