Happy Thanksgiving, Brownies! (also, Happy Shopping Reminder Day)

Remember to be thankful for everything you do have, and not bitch about those things you’re missing. I’ve recently relearned that lesson, and I’m quite a bit happier for it. More productive, energetic, and my memory is improving (if you know me, this is a big thing for me). All in all, refocusing on those things we are thankful for–family, friends, careers, Xbox–and doing it every day is fucking awesome. Once you recover from your food comas, try it.

It’s also, apparently, Shopping Reminder Day, which I’m sure has everything to do with Black Friday and all the Thanksgiving pre-sale stuff. I know a lot of people out there are rabid and foam at the mouth when it comes to Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, and well, sorry that you feel that way. I’m not one of them, for many reasons, and more or less fully support all the sales and shopping that gets done. Now, don’t take that as an endorsement of treating retail workers like shit on these days. Quite the opposite… you should keep in mind what they’re sacrificing to be there for you to shop. In other words, DON’T BE A TWAT!

Enjoy your day, Brownies. Eat, drink, and be merry.

And if you’re into it, shop until your wallet burns.

If you’re not into it, don’t shop, but don’t bitch about those who do.

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