Great American Smokeout Day

Before I talk about the smokeout, I also want to point out that today is Have a Bad Day Day and I can only say that I’m not surprised. We should totally have a day dedicated to being dicks to each other. Though, to be fair, I didn’t even read the synopsis, so I might be off base with its intentions, but somehow I doubt it.

stopsmoking1Anyway, on to the Great American Smokeout Day. My first thought was BARBEQUE! But alas, it has nothing to do with creating the best tasting meat ever. Instead, it’s something just as important, which is helping people to quit smoking.

Everyone has their vices, of course, myself included. Have you seen me? There isn’t a sammich I won’t obliterate in twenty seconds flat, and my rotund belly is proof of that. And losing weight… well, hard as fuck, Brownies. HARD AS FUCK. I imagine quitting smoking to be just as hard, if not harder, but just as healthy.

I have several smokers in my life, some of whom need to quit more than others (looking at you, Old Man). I do what I can, but you always wonder if it’s enough, at least I do. I try to tow that line between being annoyingly encouraging and a prick about it. You know that line, the one between giving a dirty look as they light up and just yanking the fucking thing out of their mouth and going, “Seriously?”

Anyway, enough about the Smokeout. Encourage, help, be someone’s support. You’ll both come away better off for it.


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