FREE Writing Workshop – Dialogue: More than he said/she said

I’ll be presenting a writing workshop on dialogue at the Westerville Public Library on January 13th. I promise not to talk too long (because I hate that shit anyway) and admission is free, so that’s a bonus, right?

Here are the pertinent details:

  • Where: Westerville Public Library located at 126 S. State St, Westerville Ohio (MAP IT)
  • When: Wednesday, January 13th from 7:00 – 8:30p

What you can expect is a short presentation by yours truly where I talk about a few easy ways to start writing realistic and believable dialogue and, once you’re at that point, why writing good dialogue is a thing you want to do and how it benefits your fiction writing. I figure that should take about a whopping thirty minutes or so, and then I have an exercise planned where you’ll create dialogue from images and write a flash piece. That will chew up the rest of the workshop, and hopefully you’ll have a solid first draft (or the start of one) when you walk out the door.

One of my writing groups, Creative Minds Columbus, is sponsoring the workshop, so you’ll have other people to talk to and help you out during the exercise. Please be sure to check out the webpage, which is minimalist in design, but does have our next two meetings (with agendas) posted.

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