Fivers for Using Timed Writing Prompts

Holy shit, people. We’re talking about writing prompts today! I am all for writing prompts, and you guessed it, here are five reasons why.

  1. The time element is taken care of. No more worrying about whether or not you’ve written enough words. For reals, people, if you set a timer for ten minutes, and you write for ten minutes, you’ve just hit your first goal. Celebrate and have a beer. Or a cookie. Whatever your preferred method is, do it. Then sit your ass back down and do another prompt.
  2. The writing prompt takes care of your brainstorming, too. Seriously, if the prompt says, “A boy walks into the back yard and finds a dead body.” what is there to think about it? You have your protagonist and the conflict.
  3. With the two elements above (deadline and content) determined, it’s all GO TIME once the timer starts. The two act in conjunction with each other to strip away your need to think about your writing, and therefore prevent you from overthinking and getting bogged down in a paragraph or a bit of dialogue.
  4. Writing prompts are bullshit. And I don’t meant bullshit as in disregard them, but bullshit in the vein of you know they’re not going to be literary gold. You can stop stressing about whether or not these little word nuggets are good or not and just fucking write them down. No one, absolutely no one, is going to be reading them and judging your ability as a writer based on these things.
  5. There’s always a diamond in the rough. So while most of what you write isn’t going to amount to the paper (or computer screen) you’re writing it on, you will find a few that are worthy of pursuing and polishing. The age old adage “The more you write…” applies in spades here. Your prompts will provide you with pages of little nuggets to consider.

Woot! You can’t beat those reasons with a stick. Well, you could, but what’d be the point of that? You can’t go wrong by using writing prompts, especially when the words fight you.

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