Okay, before everyone jumps up in my grill, the title of this blog post isn’t saying feminists are Nazi’s, but rather I’m questioning whether or not I’m becoming one. I consider myself a feminist in the most basic sense of the word in that I believe men and women should have the same opportunities, equal pay for the same work, and should have just as much say over their health and body as any man. Of course I have personal opinions that don’t jive with every woman’s views (or every man, for that matter), but again, a feminist in the most basic sense of the word, which is the reason why I bring this forward to you, the Brownies, the ones that keep me sane.

In case there were any doubt, I’m not a woman, and  there are some things I see and my wife sees, and she gets offended, and I’m kind of like, “What?” After it’s explained to me, sometimes I get it, and still there are other times when I don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent examples because it seems most things that piss off women are clearly designed to be offensive. So now we get to the crux of this post and what I saw that kind of irritated me, but it was shared by a lady friend and liked by others, and so now I’m wondering if I’ve become, at least a little bit, the aforetitled feminazi. The following internet meme was posted to Facebook last week …

imageOkay, so take it all in.

The image’s background, the written message, the woman, and the flying sparks.

Has it all sunk in, because I’m going to keep typing and the image will scroll away.

I agree with the written message 100%. Let’s face it, my wife is far more adept at fixing anything than I am. This goes for plumbing as well as a four course meal or even a car’s engine. She’s crafty, this woman I married, and that lends itself to knowing how to put things together and also deconstruct them in a way I just can’t. My dad still gives me shit for not paying more attention to all those manly building and fixit projects he did when I was younger.

“Come watch and learn how to do manly stuff like build fences, fix radiators, change oil, and build bathrooms!”

That sort of thing. I didn’t pay much attention at all. But I’m digressing a bit, but like I said, I agree with the written text on the meme.

What I took quasi-offense to was the image itself. And maybe this is just me, but that lady looks well put together (read: she’s pretty hot IMO), with great make-up, corset and tank (or maybe that’s her bra?), and her hair looks clean and, well, not fucking sweaty. I mean, ladies, who does that? Do you normally use powertools all done up like that?

Of course, the image also evokes strong ties to Rose the Riveter. Was that intentional, and if so, I’m not sure Rosie is still applicable to feminism today. I stress the word today, as what women did during the war was unprecedented, and she was certainly a rallying symbol for women’s strength then. But let’s face it, that was a different time and she was the painted face of a government campaign, and I’m pretty sure the majority of the old men in our government right now don’t give two shits about women or feminism. Of course, that’s just my opinion and I may be way off base (hence the writing of this post).

My point is that she doesn’t look like she’s working, so it seems to me it’s a backhanded compliment of sorts. Oh, hey, be a badass, but make sure you look fucking good when you do it. Because if you’re a capable female, you’re still nothing without those good looks of yours. It kinda pisses me off to see her all awesome looking, implying that you have to look good and be handy all at the same time. When my wife is hip-deep in fixing something, she’s dirty and in sweats, no make up, hair a fucking mess, and quite frankly, that’s pretty damn attractive in and of itself. She also cleans up real nice… But really, for the young ladies and daughters out there, it seems like a mixed message. Or is it saying that women can be both talented and attractive?

Tell me, Brownies, what do you think of the picture? Is it a backhanded compliment to women or is it spot on? Am I overreacting to this thing, overthinking it at all?

Keep it civil, please. I won’t hesitate to deny or delete jerkoff comments.

And be sure to join me next Wednesday for a conversation about the mythical power of the review.

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4 responses to “Feminazi?

  1. You make a very good point, but one could criticize the opposite as subtly suggesting that a woman can only be “equal” at the *cost* of her looks. There’s nothing that doesn’t offend *someone*; delight in your freedom to have your opinion! 😀

    • You’re right, something will always offend someone.

      I also agree with your first point, that the argument could be made about equality coming at the cost of looks. You’ve known me long enough to know that I prefer realism over the rose-tinted and your thought never occurred to me.

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, and it’s all tied back into the first thought that someone will always be offended.

  2. Excellent post. I did post this image to my wall because of the words, but while doing so, I had two distinct issues with it – one of which you didn’t mention.

    1. For real, you can be a princess. Anyone can be a princess. That’s the point of feminism, to be as you are or are not with no recriminations. That’s not how our country works, however.
    2. Not only is she clean and wearing beautiful things, where the fuck is her safety equipment? Being a woman certainly doesn’t mean being stupid by not wearing safety goggles, gloves, or flame retardant clothing, because fire!, but, alas, this is also an issue where women are generally considered unable to repair things or do blue collar work because they’re chicks who don’t know better.

    On the surface I am appreciatice of the sentiment, but it’ll be a while before we see a realistic and modern interpretation.


      You’re right, I hadn’t even thought of that! So, thinking along my original lines about women and looks, I wonder if the gear was left off because it not being “attractive” enough? I don’t know why I’m stuck on the attractiveness, but there you have it. The written word certainly implies she’s an intelligent, capable woman, so I do wonder how much (if any) of the meme is attacking female intelligence as well. Interesting points, as always!

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