Dan Emmett Music & Arts Recap

I’m a day late with this recap, and I hope you can forgive me for that. Been a busy few days, and I lit out for St. Louis early Monday morning. But here I am now! Also, this isn’t a fan convention or a horror convention where all sorts of things are going on all the time. The only constant at the Dan Emmett is the music and the heat.

Oh, and the awesome kid who brings ice cold water by every couple of hours.


Seriously, she’s always smiling, laughing, and never ever pissy with anyone, despite lugging around a cooler bigger than me full of ice and water, which we all know isn’t light. Whoever you are, rock on.

DETableThat said, it was an excellent weekend overall. Very slow to start on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday was pretty good. I outsold last year, made more money, and met lots of people. And while selling is important, it’s not the big draw of the Dan Emmett for me. The reason why I do the Dan Emmett is because it’s there in my hometown and it lets me see the people and them see me. Not that there’s any great revelation in this process, but I’ve had some conversations with people after the Dan Emmett in Walmart and Kroger, and even one on Twitter yesterday.

Also, if there’s ever a time when C. Bryan Brown takes off, there’s a time when C. Bryan Brown plans on giving back. Some how, some way. And I tried to do that this weekend, at least a little bit, with all the authors who showed up and asked questions. If you’re one of them, and you’re reading this, REACH OUT. I was serious in my offer.

I hung out with Violet Patterson all weekend, and she sold copies of her books and her crafty stuff. Like, well, a freaking TARDIS corset. She sold much better than I did. So well that I’m thinking of delving into the romance business… just kidding. She does it much better than I ever could.

All in all, I believe we’ll be back next year, with maybe a few other author friends in tow. Maybe not, but we’ll see. The more books the merrier, in my opinion.

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