Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

We’ve talked briefly about commercial holidays (Sweetest Day, Valentine’s Day), and let’s face it, the biggest commercial holiday is fast approaching. But you know, I’m okay with all of the above … the commercialism of them … and happily spend money and/or time with my wife on them. And Christmas, well, I love Christmas. It’s the one time of the year where it’s okay to spend a shit ton of money on people and not be considered fucking weird for doing so. Random gift in June? Uncool. Gifts in December, tis the season!

Today we have Chicken Soup for the Soul Day. It’s interesting, really, since these are a series of books geared towards personal growth, healing, and enlightenment. I’ve never really read a lot in the series, finding it too flowery and too upbeat for my tastes, but I understand the attraction. People (myself included) want to believe that such untainted, pure things exist and can be attained. I just don’t spend my money on it.

According to the link above, the day was created by the book people as a celebration of you. Brownies, that should be done in some way each day you take a breath, not just one day. Have a beer, eat a piece of your favorite candy, play a game, jerk off, donate some excess money, buy a Chicken Soup for the Soul book (I know a few authors who’ve published stories in them) … whatever makes you feel good, do it.

Unless it’s murder. Don’t murder anyone.

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