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The Sound of Silence

Hey Brownies… so, yeah, it’s been exactly one year since my last post on this website. That’s one hell of a dry spell and, quite frankly, I’m not sure where to start again. 2017 was crazy for me on a personal level… got a promotion at the day job in April, 3rd grandbaby born in May, and also in May I moved to Missouri to begin searching for houses. Of course, through all that, the wife and I were working on our house in Ohio, getting it “sale ready” and that meant steady attention to some minor things.

Then in June we sold our house and bought a new one. July saw a mad scramble to get the rest of our stuff packed and ready to move. Happily, that happened without a hitch thanks to some mega-awesome motherfuckers I know. Seriously, they know who they are and they have my gratitude. July 21 through August 1 was moving week… yes, week… we moved some 550 miles across the country… and at times me, my wife, and our kids were in three different states. It was rough and nuts and, well, all in all, it was an intensely busy first half of the year and something had to give.

My writing (and this website) were what gave.

Sure, I could have written and kept posts going while busy (let’s face it, the end of 2016 was a ramp up to the start of 2017 and was nuts, too), but there are some things in this writing gig that threw me for a loop. These realizations were bad for me, but coupled with my other stress, I just said “fuck it” and let the funk drown me. I ain’t one to talk shit out of shop and I’m not going into any details, needless to say it was a bummer and it took me some time to get my shit right again. It’s still not quite there, but it’s a whole lot better than it was, and a lot of that is simply because the other stress in my life has lessened. It’s not gone, mind you, just less.

I usually start the new year with a movies and books post… like, in 2016 I read 22 books and watched an embarrassing amount of movies. In 2017… I read 6 books and only caught a couple dozen movies. I was busy, you know?

I feel like John  Wick now, though. “People keep asking if I’m back… and I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back!”

This year we’re going to get into everything. Politics, religion, sex, writing, alcohol, and everything else.. fuck it. I used to shy away from these topics… you know, don’t talk about these hot buttons and all that, don’t want to alienate readers. Well, I have to have readers to alienate them, and since I don’t, I’m gonna talk about and say whatever I want.


I Have Stuff, Yanno…

Really, I truly do have stuff. Pieces I’m writing for people. Places I’m going to be to sell those writings.

That sort of thing.

This here post is to updated all you fine Brownies on said activities. Well, most of them. The ones I can talk about anyway.

June 18th marks my return to the Grove City Wine & Arts Festival. I’ll be selling with a couple of fine folks you may have heard of: Tim McWhorter and Violet Patterson. We only have one spot this year (as opposed to last year’s rainy fiasco, where we had two), so come by and see us. We’ll have horror, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction. Kind of a grab bag, really.

Did I mention the wine? Over twenty wineries are participating this year. Oh… and music, and artists (not just us authors). It runs from 11a-10p. Really no excuse not to get out and have some fun.

And the even bigger news, some that I’m really excited about is my appearance at Scares that Care Weekend July 22-24th. A twist of fate flipped over an ace in the hole and I’m going to make it this year, when I thought I wasn’t. You’ll find me at the PlotForge table hawking my books alongside Tim McWhorter (what is it with this guy? He’s everywhere… maybe he’s stalking me? Or maybe I’m stalking him…)

This convention… well, I can’t say enough about it. I attended last year, sold books, and the atmosphere was just wonderful. Horror for a cause. Read, donate, show up, have a drink or ten with me, and let’s give to those who need it more than we do. All the deets are on the website.

If you haven’t, check out my latest episode on The Lift. The episode, “The Burden of Others,” is right there on the splash page. You can also get the Kindle version of my latest short story, “An Unfettered Life,” in the anthology, Dystopian Express. You really should do both of these things.

And that’s it for now, Brownies.