Being Earnest

It’s an important thing, this idea of being earnest.

Let’s start by getting the definition of the word out here. It’s key in understanding where I’m going with this.

ear·nest \ˈər-nəst\
1:  a serious and intent mental state <a proposal made in earnest>
2:  a considerable or impressive degree or amount <the sap started running in earnest>

ear·nest \ˈər-nəst\

1:  characterized by or proceeding from an intense and serious state of mind
2:  grave, important

Serious, serious, serious. Or to quote, “Why so serious?”

I think the answer is pretty obvious, but many people don’t see it.

Put simply, if you’re not serious and don’t treat this gig as something serious, you can’t expect anyone else to take you seriously.

Think about it.

See you next Wednesday.

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